Judd Gregg explains his withdrawal

This afternoon: “I’m a fiscal conservative, as everybody knows, a fairly strong one,” Mr. Gregg told reporters at a news conference in the Capitol. “And it just became clear to

Just married!

In several hours, I’ll be on a flight to St. Kitts for my honeymoon. Sue and I were married yesterday. We were honored to have my mother preside, in her

You not say Ukraine weak!

Long ago, Seinfeld taught us the dangers of assuming Ukraine is weak. Yet the disappointing aftermath of the Orange Revolution has left many friends of the Ukraine wondering if the



I was walking downtown around an hour ago. I saw a woman standing by a hot dog stand, holding a foil-wrapped dog that was already missing a few bites. As

The counterinsurgency reading list

Andrew Exum (aka Abu Muqawama) has just updated his counterinsurgency reading list. It’s a great resource. The list begins with three items that Andrew identifies as absolute essentials for anyone

McCain and Gitmo: Which side is he on?

John McCain also promised, if he were elected president, to shut down the Guantanamo Bay detention facility. So now that Republicans are attacking Barack Obama for closing Gitmo, which side

Is progress evaporating in Iraq?

Gen. Petraeus explains the situation to Chris Wallace: WALLACE: There is also growing violence in Iraq, amid signs that the Iraqi government is dropping some of the counterinsurgency tactics that

Defending Star Trek

A film that got positive reviews from 95% of the critics hardly needs any help from me. But I thought it was notable that a few prominent critics disliked what