The Disappearance of Elian’s Rights

Wherever Elian Gonzalez goes, the improbable happens. Plucked from the sea last Thanksgiving, he has been dubbed a miracle child by Cuban-Americans. Across the Straights of Florida, Fidel Castro organizes

Achievement by Choice

The education establishment would have us believe that poor children can’t learn. The excuses are numerous. But across the nation dozens of principals of low-income schools have demonstrated that poverty

Trial Lawyers Take Aim

In the latest wave of mega-lawsuits, the cities of Chicago, New Orleans, Atlanta, Miami, and Bridgeport, among others, have filed lawsuits against firearm manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and trade associations because,

Know Your Customer: George Bailey meets Uncle Sam

Recently proposed federal regulations-commonly referred to as “Know Your Customer” (KYC) rules-would require banks and other financial institutions to monitor every transaction conducted by each of their customers and report

Foreign Aid Fallacies and Follies

The Clinton Administration is preparing to ask the new Congress to spend some $2.8 billion in “emergency” foreign aid–U.S. taxpayer dollars that will in theory be used to bolster developing

Iraq: Forever and a Day

When military units march from one place to another, they often keep time by singing cadences. One of the most enduring of these starts off, “Here we go again, same