Cappuccino Conservatives

We always knew something was wrong, those of who had to endure liberal baby boomers preaching at us from the padded pulpits of tenured professorships. Xers like myself knew instinctively

Bush v. Media: The Big Game

A favorite game played by members of Washington’s chattering class is the following: 1) distort a conservative position beyond recognition, and 2) then take great glee in accusing conservatives of

Kink-y Paleocons?

Kink-y Paleocons?

It’s easy for a Republican to get an inferiority complex in Manhattan. When the guy at the desk beside you with the Nader poster is also a published poet who

Feminism’s Bitter Pill

The feminist movement has lost much of its credibility as of late. Who can forget Gloria Steinem and Patricia Ireland rushing to the defense of our misogynist president during the

The Disappearance of Elian’s Rights

Wherever Elian Gonzalez goes, the improbable happens. Plucked from the sea last Thanksgiving, he has been dubbed a miracle child by Cuban-Americans. Across the Straights of Florida, Fidel Castro organizes

Achievement by Choice

The education establishment would have us believe that poor children can’t learn. The excuses are numerous. But across the nation dozens of principals of low-income schools have demonstrated that poverty