What’s Your Story?: Amy Alkon

This advice columnist doesn’t care if she hurts your feelings. Every week in a column syndicated in over 100 papers across America, Amy Alkon delivers hilariously hard-nosed counsel to thousands of clueless souls.

What’s Your Story?

Megan McArdle stands out in a crowd. Over six feet tall with fair skin and delicate features, she resembles “an overgrown elf,” she says. “I’m a real oddity.” McArdle, aka

Sexless and the City

Helen of Troy may have launched a thousand ships but Carrie Bradshaw has launched a thousand book proposals. Ever since Candace Bushnell’s novel Sex and the City became a hit TV series for HBO, the bed-hopping single played by Sarah Jessica Parker, in her famous Manolo Blahniks, has become a cultural shorthand for life after the Sexual Revolution.