Jon Stewart’s Selective Ire

You could hardly be human, American, and a consumer of television media in the loosest sense and have missed last week’s duel between the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart and Mad

You damn dirty Pashtun!

The quasi-insane Ralph Peters column that had Larison so outraged and made Dan think of the sci-fi classic Dune, made me instead think of the sci-fi non-classic Enemy Mine. I

Post hoc ergo propter hoc

Ordinarily, the good people at China Daily are perfectly capable of coming up with their own ridiculous articles, but it seems for once they haven’t had to: Beyoncé’s song ‘Single

Life after Mad Men

Before the season finale of AMC’s award-winning drama Mad Men in late October, the Associated Press ran an article wondering why, in light of its critical success and increasing cultural

The virtues of clarity

Ordinarily, the experience of reading Leon Wieseltier’s turgid prose is akin to masturbating in warm bathwater. Today, however, I came upon a surprisingly on-the-nose expression of his political preferences, which

The mortgage fairy

I don’t know whether it’s his overheated prose style or his intuitive leaps, but for some reason reading Steve Sailer frequently makes me hear this line from Tommy Boy in

The Gripes of Wealth

October 1st, 2018 We had taken shelter in the broken wreckage of a ruined McMansion for the night—Me, Okie Pete and Skinny Bill Cox. Us three had taken up with each other