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Labored Analogy by Bryan O’Keefe This ain’t the Fifties; grad students aren’t auto workers. Little Mexico, North Carolina by Jesse James DeConto A story of illegal immigration and the Cadillac of Christmas

Earnest Plea for Quality Short Fiction

We, the foolish editors of Doublethink, are inviting short story submissions. No, this is not a joke or, worse yet, a contest. We’d simply like to broaden Doublethink’s lineup of

Interview With… Christopher Buckley

Christopher Buckley, author of many well-known Washington satires – Thank You for Smoking , Little Green Men , and the forthcoming Florence of Arabia – recently sat down for an interview with Doublethink editor David Skinner. The debriefing

The Wodehouse Conservative

One often hears Washington, D.C., shamed for its sartorial cluelessness. The putdown holds, more or less, that a fashionable dresser would be as out of place among the capital’s armies

What It Means to Be Electrocuted

Kevin wanted to have a glass of ice water and a night of sleep once he reached his apartment, no doubt already sweltering. Maybe the Climatair, which he’d left on,