Virginia’s booze laws are a hoot

My former coworker Caleb Brown and his colleague Austin Bragg have made a funny short on Virginia’s nonsensical alcohol laws. Worth watching for Caleb’s voice alone. When’s Hollywood gonna hire

This one goes to 11

The Times has a thoroughly useless op-chart today on the states of Iraq and Afghanistan. Of particular interest is Iraq’s supposed measure of political progress at 7 on a scale

The Brokest Generation

Mark Steyn hits a four-bagger: …as politicians like to say, it’s about “the future of all our children.” And the future of all our children is that they’ll be paying

No sense of irony at the Weekly Standard

Charles Freeman, former U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia, has been torpedoed as President Obama’s and Admiral Dennis Blair’s choice to head the National Intelligence Council, which prepares national intelligence estimates.

The man girdle

First the Bro and the Manssiere, now this wonder of metrosexuality. David Skinner, where are you? (Hat tip: MI)