Andrew’s Ignatius Reilly Impression

Just happened across this absurd little pot-shot on Sullivan’s site: If you fully understand the deep connection between Christianist politics and wild-ass porn and illicit sex, you won’t be surprised.

War on Charity?

For the past few days I’ve been reading and pondering Conor Clarke’s mild dislike of the idea that the government ought to encourage philanthropic giving. (Hell, it’s not just a

World’s Smallest Radio

It’s made from a single carbon nanotube. It “tunes in a broadcast signal, amplifies it, converts it to an audio signal and then sends it to an external speaker in

Lippmann’s Law

I’m not as prepared as Damir is to take for granted, even temporarily, Christian Brose’s statement that “we should not allow resources to determine strategy” in Afghanistan. Every time I

Is This a Recantation?

Andrew Sullivan: …[I]t is important to note up-front when McCarthyite slurs of bigotry are spread around like so much confetti. It cheapens them. Indeed it does.

He Blinded Me with Science

I’m heartened to see that the Obama Administration is following through on its promise to “restore science to its rightful place.” But apparently its rightful place involves wildly exaggerating climate

The Taliban as Aliens

I can understand why Daniel Larison is outraged at Ralph Peters’ column arguing that as a mental exercise we ought to think of Taliban as being alien life forms. Given

The Shoe Fits

The Shoe Fits

The shoe-as-insult bit has now gone global: China denounced a protester at Cambridge University who threw a shoe at Prime Minister Wen Jiabao but nevertheless hailed his visit to Britain

The Fundamentalist Psyche

I’ve dismissed the notion of a “fundamentalist psyche” before, but only in cases in which I believed its bearer was misusing the term to score some sort of political points