The Sex Vote

These days, one is hard-pressed not to sound like an idiot when talking about sex and what Anthony Trollope called “The Way We Live Now”—especially if one wants to be

Reality Check: Reagan’s Legacy is Our Own

There is something in the nature of democracy that opposes us to the task of electing the best man in America. We much prefer the opportunity to vote for the man (or woman) who represents the best of America. Ronald Reagan, in Ralph Waldo Emerson’s phrase, was just such a ‘representative man’—less a heroic executive than a popular legislator elected to embody public opinion in a vast district that reached from sea to shining sea.



Well, the cat is out of the bag. Along with fellow Doublethink alum Peter Suderman, I’ve joined forces with several more superexcellent friends to create Culture11, your new destination for

'An Alfresco Oral Sex Contest'

The Bad News Britons are taking their binge-and-vomit tour on the road, debasing themselves and threatening the public decency wherever they go. So says Sarah Lyall in the NYT: They

Yushchenko Weighs In

At The Washington Post. It’s remarkable — though understandable — how sober and controlled the language of the Ukrainian president appears beside that of the US’s most nominally pro-Ukrainian commentators.

How Will Righties Take Kabuki Joe?

At The Plank, Nate Silver has some numbers: Republicans Candidate Fav-Unfav Kaine 29-30 (-1) Bayh 23-43 (-20) Sebelius 14-45 (-31) Biden 22-63 (-39) Clinton 21-75 (-54) […] Joe Biden will



The Verve is back. Maybe not better than ever, but still apparently pretty good, and you can’t make Urban Hymns every time, can you? Whatever this new record does, it

Culturally Conservative Obama

Julian posts the key Time interview grafs. I’m down, of course, but universal preschool AIN’T CULTURALLY CONSERVATIVE, dood! State-supervised socialization for toddlers? Not for my future aloof, elite offspring. I

Tortured Logic

Tortured Logic

Apropos of the Sonny-Schwenkler Torture Tussle, I’ll mention briefly the following as non inconsistent positions to take on torture and torture-related issues: (1) Torture banned by treaties to which we