Competing with piracy

Banning technologies through legislation is not the answer to piracy. Copying is here to stay, so companies must change their business models if they hope to cope.

Save the orphans

Old bits of culture are the building blocks of new culture, but they’re useless if they are locked up.

Maverick Merchant

Film producer Ismail Merchant told UPI a couple of years ago that he was baffled as to why Hollywood made so many dreadful movies year after year. He wondered “Why

Tuning out RFID panic

Although privacy activists have been up in arms about RFID technology in consumer products, the real threat lies in government snooping.

Return of the king

You Are The Quarry, pop icon Morrissey’s first new album in seven years, is a triumphant return for the singer–even if it is a bit lopsided.