Eternal Thunderstorms of the PTSD Mind

When patients taking the high blood pressure medication propanolol reported a decrease in stage fright, researchers at Harvard Medical School and McGill University began to wonder whether the drug might

With This Ringer, I Thee Wed

How long did your last relationship last? Two years, maybe three? I’m not asking about your college sweetheart, but your cell phone contract. Mobile phone companies expect major commitments from

Darfur, Heal Thyself?

In Regarding the Pain of Others, Susan Sontag argued that war photography allows spectators to feel content with the knowledge that they are both sympathetic to the victims of the atrocity

Nastygram? Delete it like spam

Last week, Shelley Batts, the Neuroscience PhD candidate and ScienceBlogs contributor, posted a response to the much-linked BBC article, “Alcohol ‘Makes Fruit Healthier.’” Unlike most bloggers that skimmed the article

Jicky, Living It Up

Tallulah DeWald as Carolyn rolled a counterfeit 100 EU note on the glass coffee table. With a weary half-smile, she pretended to inhale two thin lines of sugar. Then with

Sasami Wishbringer is a submissive and prostitute for “Edge Escorts.” She looks like an eight-year-old girl. But…she is an avatar in Second Life. Three years ago, Linden Labs stepped in

Apophis Now

Apophis Now

Odds of dying in a plane crash: 1 in 5,051. Odds of dying in a car accident: 1 in 237. Odds that asteroid Apophis will strike Earth in 2036: 1

Open Access or Peer-Review?

Last spring, Senate busybody Joseph Lieberman and Sen. John Cornyn introduced the Federal Research Public Access Act of 2006. Most of us instinctively cringe over any suggestions Sen. Lieberman makes

Fear California’s Internet Tax

The girl gingerly picked up the two lighters and examined them. “Don’t you feel it?” he kidded her. “The histrocity?” She said, “What is histrocity?” “When a thing has history