The Next Iraq Debate

Quietly, but unmistakably, the debate over Iraq shifted significantly last week. First came a non-binding sense of Congress amendment to the Defense Authorization Act, introduced by Joe Biden, that passed

The Roundup: Hucksters on Main Street

The big news out of the Ames straw poll last weekend was a surprisingly strong showing by Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, who placed second. Huckabee beat out Sen. Sam Brownback,

The Roundup: Primary Cullers

Democratic presidential candidates appeared together twice this week, first on Tuesday at a forum in Chicago hosted by the AFL-CIO and MSNBC then last night at forum in Hollywood hosted

More Money, More Problems

“You want my money. My money, for my students.” So said Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) on Wednesday. At the time, he was being robbed by a mugger while on his

We Salute Our Key Republican Senators

Congratulations, Republican: You’ve won a statewide election, come to Washington, and been sworn in. Welcome to the U.S. Senate! But you want to be more than just any old legislator;

Taking The Money Out Of Politics

The second quarter of 2007 is over, and the presidential campaigns are once again disclosing their quarterly fundraising numbers. On the Republican side, the big winner in Q2 is Rudy