A conversation piece

Conversations with Other Women is one of those movies that are difficult to review. Much of the pleasure of watching the film, which opened this weekend in D.C. and a handful

Interview: Mark Helprin

Mark Helprin, the well-known novelist and occasional polemicist, agreed to sit down with DOUBLETHINK‘s fiction editor, Kelly Jane Torrance, for an extended on-the-record interview. His 1983 novel Winter’s Tale received multiple votes in

The real Charles Bukowski

“Hey, baby, when I write, I’m the hero of my own shit,” Charles Bukowski once told filmmaker Taylor Hackford, who was disgruntled about his appearance in one of Bukowski’s columns.

Spark of Genius

For much of the last year, I have been immersed in the novels of Muriel Spark. It’s had the effect of making me feel not quite myself. Spark would probably

Music from the inside out

Music, we often hear, expresses emotion that verbal language cannot. It may be the most mysterious of the arts. “As long as I can remember, music has moved me,” says



There may be no better contemporary chronicler of the war between the sexes than Neil LaBute. The film director, playwright, and fiction writer has explored other topics in his work,