Music and Meritocracy

At about the same time that news of the Rod Blagojevich scandal broke in Illinois, a similar scandal of sorts was playing out in the rarified world of classical music.

Van Sant’s Redemption

Gus Van Sant’s Milk, which was screened to early audiences in late November, had been preceded by months, and even years, of heightened anticipation—well before the storm clouds of the

Judgment at Napa

Judgment at Napa

California’s Napa Valley is one of America’s great national treasures, home to a $45 billion per year industry and the state’s second most popular tourist attraction (after Disneyland). But a

Brideshead as Telenovela

Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited, first published in 1945, soon became a novel beloved both by the British, who hailed it as one of their own masterpieces, and by Catholics, who