AFF Announces Staff Changes

As of June 2, America’s Future Foundation is pleased to announce the following staff changes in order to continue providing you excellent programming and customer service: Brit Vorreiter is promoted

AFF Gala Photos Now Available

Thanks to everyone who came to and sponsored the AFF Gala! There some photos available on Facebook, and here is coverage from The Scene Bisnow: A Black Tie Affair! Last

Everyone Can Be a Mentor

Some mentors are involved in a formal partnership, like the one AFF provides, Boys & Girls Club, Big Brothers Big Sisters, etc.  But everyone is an informal mentor because younger

Generational Analysis Shows Libertarian Trends

Scholars sometimes debate whether Generation Y, or Millennials born roughly between 1978 and 2000, are a troubled, entitlement generation or a great, emerging generation.  Jean Twenge writes in “The Narcissism

Taxing the rich… for Tinker Bell?!

President Obama keeps proposing increased taxes on successful people. However, will those taxes go to constitutional activities or to propaganda for children? Our nation’s problems can’t be fixed by throwing

When “Freedom” is a Fig Leaf

A new book on the politics of the segregationist movement examines a tension between libertarianism and civil rights that continues today.   by Jordan Michael Smith Jason Morgan Ward Defending