Live 8 not that great

Despite what Bob Geldof might think, what Africa needs is capitalism, not a bigger handout that will inevitably fall into the wrong hands.

Clearing the air on clean air

Whatever environmentalists say, air pollution has been continuously reduced in this country and the Bush Administration has ensured that the trend will continue downward into the next decade.

Can we move on now?

An open letter to Democrats: “It just occurs to me that you really don’t understand how much we have in common. Can we have a fresh start? I’d like to introduce myself to you: I’m a Republican voter.”

An enemy too familiar

If our current conflict in Iraq seems like World War II, it should. This nation has, once again, reluctantly chosen to wield its bloody sword for liberty’s sake.

Truth in journalism

Caught up in the never-ending search for the sensational, modern journalism often neglects accuracy and integrity.