Author: Tim Lee

Jun 04,2006

Electronic voting is for the birds

We've grown accustomed to assuming that computerized devices are always better than older technologies. That's true of most devices, but it's probably not true of voting machines. When it comes...

May 07,2006

Save the net from what?

The advocates of network neutrality regulations are working very hard to create a sense of crisis, but is there really a need to regulate the Internet?

Apr 09,2006

Ouvrez la pomme

France recently mandated Apple to open up its iTunes technology. But the right approach is for the state to remain neutral, neither forcing companies to open their proprietary technologies to...

Feb 12,2006

Music wants to be free

Just like news and opinion is free on the Internet today, so will new music be tomorrow.

Jan 15,2006

The best telecom reform is no reform

A new telecom bill would probably make things worse than they already are. For supporters of free markets, the best telecom bill is probably no telecom bill.

Dec 18,2005

Eight buns, eight wieners, eight channels

If it's absurd to require newspapers to sell their news, sports, and business sections separately so that consumers can get just what they want, how is forcing cable TV to...