Majority Rule vs. Individual Rights

One of the themes of the Occupy Wall Street movement was a call for more direct democracy in our political system, shifting power from elected representatives directly to the people. But

Warren T. Brookes Journalism Fellowship

Every year the Competitive Enterprise Institute offers a special fellowship in honor of the late syndicated-columnist Warren T. Brookes. The program seeks to identify young journalists who wish to improve their

Debunking Myths about Libertarians

At the ChicagoNow blog, AFF national chapter coordinator Richard Lorenc talks about his experience representing America’s Future Foundation at the Chicago Printers Row Lit Fest, the Midwest’s largest outdoor literary festival. He writes:

AFF Panel on Religion and Liberty

AFF’s May 17 Roundtable at The Fund for American Studies in Washington, DC featured a discussion on the dynamic of religion and liberty with our distinguished panel of experts: Dr. Imad-ad-Dean