The Buckley Awards

The Buckley Awards, originally founded and organized by the Young Conservatives Coalition from 2010-2016, began as a way to recognize outstanding young professional conservatives for their above-and-beyond service to the conservative movement. The award is in honor of William F. Buckley, Jr., whom before the age of 30 became the leader of the early conservative movement championing conservative fusion – a philosophy that brought together various strands of conservatism to work together to achieve political success and conserve America’s founding principles. The award ceremony is still one of the only ones in our movement that focuses on great achievements of young professional conservatives.

Nominations for the Buckley Awards open in the fall.


Emerging Leaders

AFF’s Emerging Leaders are the next big names in the liberty movement. They’re graduating seniors passionate about liberty with career potential advancing it. We want to recognize them.

Award recipients will be featured at an AFF Welcome to Washington event, promoted for placement at partner organizations to start their careers, and receive access to AFF events for networking and knowledge sharing as they begin their post-graduation journey.

Applications for Emerging Leaders open in the spring.