May 23, 2011

BREAKING: California Taxpayer Money Wasted

By: AFF Editors

Troubling news for California taxpayers, but that’s hardly shocking. According to the Orange County Register, some California lifeguards make more money than the President’s Chief of Staff, whose salary is capped at $172,000.

In 2009, at least 55 L.A. County lifeguards earned more than $100,000 in pay, excluding benefits, according to the state Controller’s Office web-based database on public employee pay. Twenty-eight “Ocean Lifeguard Specialists” were paid more than $100,000 in wages alone, as were 25 lifeguard captains. A lifeguard chief was paid $192,458, and an assistant chief was paid $195,035 – again, not counting benefits.
(OC Register)

Brent Jacobsen, president of the Newport Beach Lifeguard Management Association, assures us that these taxpayer-funded salaries “are well within the norm of other city employees.”

Well, that’s a relief.

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