It’s a Wonderful Life, and a lousy lesson in lending policy

Dec 24,2008

Soft-core porn Yule Log

Happy holidays, all.  Alessandra Stanley’s got a funny one here on the postmodern Yule Log: It seems like cheating, or bad karma, but it’s possible to have a yule log...

Dec 23,2008

Die, hipsters!

Enjoy. Enjoy even more if you’ve run out of work for the day. (Hat tip: JJ)

Dec 23,2008

The Decider

No, it’s not George Bush: It’s Congress. From John Schwenkler’s new digs: The problems of the retailers and the toymakers are beside the point, Colangelo said. “Congress decided these toys...

Dec 23,2008

The Warren pick

John McWhorter: “Overall, expecting Obama to treat social conservatism as beyond the pale proposes that Obama dismiss a frame of reference typical, whether many of us like it or not,...