Words on the Big Screen

Clive Cussler had made it very clear that the actor cast to play the lead of Dirk Pitt in the movie Sahara had to have green eyes. Because in the

Just Like Us!

One of my great shames is that I like to read Us Weekly. Especially while traveling. In my carry-on bag, I’ll wedge a copy between the Economist and First Things.

Flat Earth Society

Over the past decade, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman has raised himself to a position of preeminence among his peers. The Washington Post labeled him “a great explicator of and cheerleader for globalization”

What’s Your Story?

Megan McArdle stands out in a crowd. Over six feet tall with fair skin and delicate features, she resembles “an overgrown elf,” she says. “I’m a real oddity.” McArdle, aka

Jicky, Living It Up

Tallulah DeWald as Carolyn rolled a counterfeit 100 EU note on the glass coffee table. With a weary half-smile, she pretended to inhale two thin lines of sugar. Then with