Thieves at Halliburton?

Liz Cheney and Arianna Huffington recently clashed about the propriety of Halliburton’s operations in Iraq. (ICYMI, Cheney’s father was the CEO of Halliburton until he became Vice President of the

The rewards of public service

Service is its own reward, a but an $800,000 salary isn’t bad either, especially if you’re the city manager for Bell, California. The LA Times reports: A local official in

Two cheers for the unions!

Although Sonny made the case for busting up teachers’ unions, the very same issue of the Weekly Standard describes one industry in which unions were a great force for social

Sonny Bunch, union-buster

We still miss Sonny here at CF, but he does have a great article in the new Weekly Standard, about how liberal filmmakers have turned against teachers unions. You heard

Mad Men and Mad Women

At NRO, Natasha Simons defends the right of Mad Men to be known as the best show on television. That may be a hard sell for NRO’s readership, however: Conservatives

Coulter: Bill Kristol must go

Last week, Bill Kristol called for Michael Steele to resign after the RNC Chairman denounced the conflict in Afghanistan as “a war of Obama’s choosing.” Now Ann Coulter is returning

The father of Shia politics

Lee Smith examines the life and death of Sayyid Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, the Lebanese cleric often described as the inspiration for Hezbollah. But it’s a little more complicated than that:

Don't call him unpatriotic

Matthew Rothschild, editor of The Progressive, explains that he isn’t unpatriotic, he’s anti-patriotic! In Why I don’t celebrate July 4th, Rothschild explains, My heart does not beat faster at the

The Case for Cox

Politico is reporting today that NY-1 GOP congressional hopeful Chris Cox, son of NY GOP State Chair Ed Cox and the grandson of Richard Nixon, has lost several of his

McChrystal revisited: Was it so bad?

I just ran across David Brooks’ column from last week, in which Brooks comes perilously close blaming journalists for McChrystal’s fall: Over the course of 50 years, what had once