GNP: Grand New Party

On Tuesday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie suggested that the Republican Party “rebrand” itself, keeping an “eye on the cash register” and not resorting to demagoguery. As the latest darling

Smoke, Mirrors, & Celery Sticks

Last week, First Lady Michelle Obama “joined kids from the Washington, DC area to launch the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition and introduce the 2010 Council co-chairs and

Zionism is a monster

I am super-late to the controversy set off by Peter Beinart’s attack on the “American Jewish establishment” in the New York Review of Books. I finally got around to reading

Love those hedge funds!

Yesterday’s NYT Book Review looked at a half-dozen books about Wall Street and the financial crisis. I certainly didn’t expect to read this in the review of Sebastian Mallaby’s More

Kristol salutes Obama

Bill Kristol: Let us now praise Barack Obama. Someone should. The left, weary of the effort in Afghanistan, is uneasy about the appointment of General David Petraeus to replace General

The Weekly Standard vs. Glenn Beck

Go read Matt Continetti’s cover story on The Two Faces of the Tea Party. The bad face is Glenn Beck. Criticism of fellow conservatives is not unusual for the Standard,

Obama and Woodrow Wilson

I am in the middle of 1913. At least that’s how far I’ve gotten in Prof. John Milton Cooper’s recent biography of Woodrow Wilson. The most striking thing about Wilson’s

Reagan Democrats, Meet Wal-Mart Moms

I have encountered many strands of Democrats in my day. Arguably the two I am most acquainted with are the Manhattan “elites,” with their Ivy League degrees, strong-Left opinions, and

If You Cannot Handle The Heat…

Budget Director Peter Orszag has announced that he will be the first senior member of the Obama administration to step down this July. According to Reuters, Orszag never intended to