Red Dawn backlash

Well-meaning people are concerned that the Red Dawn remake will just stir up xenophobic anti-China sentiment. Evan Osnos in the New Yorker: The new movie will feature Connor Cruise, the



Steven Hayward: This article needs to begin with a big mea culpa. In the April 26 edition of The Weekly Standard (which went to press on April 16), I wrote:

Bad news from Afghanistan

On several fronts, but it all comes back to Karzai. Jackson Diehl writes that in Kandahar, the US military: …has stepped back from an initial push to challenge the entrenched

The 1980s rise from the grave

The new A-Team movie better not disappoint me. You can’t invoke childhood nostalgia and then tear it to bits. When I was in second grade, my entire family dressed up

The 1960s rise from the grave

Ramesh Ponnuru has an excellent article about libertarians and the Civil Rights Act in the current issue of the National Review. (Log-in required). Read this then read the whole thing:

America loves incumbents!

When I agree with Kathy on a matter of substance, that matter almost always deserves a post. Rightly, I think Kathy challenges the conventional wisdom that yesterday’s primaries demonstrated the

Those damned Tea Party patriots

My opinion of the Tea Partiers resembles my opinion of Sarah Palin. I’m not naturally attracted to either, but their critics seem so closed-minded that I’ve become deeply skeptical of

George W. Bush = James Madison

What? Who dares mention W. in the same breath as the author of the Federalist Papers and framer of the Constitution? Well, as I mentioned before, I’ve been listening to

Lesbians and softball

After Ellen brings some expertise to America’s strange debate about lesbians and softball. Bottom line: Judging by her proficiency at softball, Kagan is a complete failure as a lesbian.