Assassinating American citizens

When it comes to civil liberties,Kevin Drum writes that’s the one area where he feels “betrayed” by Obama. Case in point: the White House’s assertion that it has the right

Fact-checking Twitter

Both parties know how to pack lots of spin into 140 characters. exposes some impressive distortions from recent tweets. Here’s one example: DNC Mis-tweet: ‘GOP’s Wall St. Fundraiser’ DNC,

Another ally misses Bush

The most important and unmitigated success of George W. Bush’s foreign policy was the forging of a new strategic relationship with India. Dan Twining, a former State Department planner and

The power of fact-checking

ABC recently partnered up with Politifact to provide some accountability for the guests on ABC This Week. This past Sunday, the fact checkers turned their guns on ABC’s pundits —

I miss the simple and sweet 1990s

I remember the 1990s pretty well, so I never thought they had much chance of becoming yet another “good old days”. Then I read this opening graf, from the lead

Human Rights Watch vs. Israel

Cliches are dangerous, especially when they are built around the truth. Are human rights watchdogs biased against Israel? Probably, but that shouldn’t be an excuse to dismiss everything they say.

NY Times vs. Politico

The current issue of the NY Times Magazine features a condescending cover story about Mike Allen and his colleagues from Politico. I’m guessing that Allen & Co. will like the

What if Obama had an identical twin?

Yes, it sounds like the plot of second-rate comedy flick. Namely, this one. But Polish President Lech Kaczynski, tragically killed in plane crash, actually does have an identical twin brother