The Black Presidents <em>Before</em> Obama

Barack Obama was not the first African-American elected to the presidency. By my count, he was the seventh. It was just that he was the first nonfiction one. But Americans

What Do We See In Richard III?

The final Tuesday of January, I sat in a crowded venue in Washington, D.C., and as countless other Americans, observed a power play. However, I was not at the State of the

Breaking Bad Shows Folly Of Drug Laws

Sunday kicked off the final eight episodes of one of the most popular shows in both main stream and libertarian circles, “Breaking Bad.” The series has turned out to be highly

How It Looks To Break Bad

Few television shows present evil. Sure, we follow the lives of rakes, cads, and criminals. We have cheered for the likes of Don Draper (Mad Men), Tony Soprano (The Sopranos),

Google Books Lives

PC World is reporting that Google Books has been allowed to live, for now. The win is huge for Google, which faced fines of up to $750 per copyrighted work,