Get Ready For Arrested Development

For Arrested Development fans, the May 26 release of Season 4 on Netflix cannot come soon enough. The show was cancelled in 2006, but nevertheless remained a cultural phenomenon especially

Get Married. Or Don’t.

Writing at Slate earlier this week, Julia Shaw noted that “these days, young, married couples are an anomaly.” I think she’s right. I also think that trying to convince women

Jean Valjean, the Anti-Ubermensch

People don’t usually want to suffer, but we tend to honor those who do, especially when they suffer through conviction of some enduring principle. Think of Mother Theresa, Lu Xiabo,

Celebrate Lance Armstrong’s Doping

Lance Armstrong’s confession is sure to spark another frenzied hunt for the hundreds of still-unknown doctors, trainers, and athletes who have engaged in the doping business over the last decade.

Django Wasn’t Unarmed

Guns: who needs ’em? Should citizenry be permitted to own military-style assault weapons? Should they have guns at all? These are the questions furiously circulating around the public policy world

Old World Christmas Pie

Roasted leg of lamb tastes like Easter, turkey and dressing tastes like Thanksgiving, and as I discovered for the first time this month, mince meat pie tastes like Christmas. This