The Failure of Conan O’Brien

With late-night talk show host (and greatest White House Correspondents Dinner emcee since Don Imus) Jimmy Kimmel finally bumping Nightline and moving up half an hour to ABC’s 11:35 pm

Ayn Rand’s Paradox

With Paul Ryan’s ascent to the Republican ticket, Ayn Rand returned to contemporary political conversation. Her artistic abilities aside – she has all the weaknesses of Wordsworth’s Romantics with none

You need to read poetry

Poetry, says Plato, has no good place in a well-ordered society. The power it exercises over people can be dangerous, he believes, and the crowd it attracts is often undesirable.

Called to the Wild

Wolf: The Lives of Jack London James L. Haley, Basic Books, $17.99.   Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote facing a wall. He found his window to the cold meadows and deep forests

The Fashion Weapon

Lisa Ann does not approve of Sarah Palin’s sex appeal. Asked about the Alaska governor’s looks in March, she told the New Haven Advocate: “It’s a distraction from politics. I

Jon Stewart’s Selective Ire

You could hardly be human, American, and a consumer of television media in the loosest sense and have missed last week’s duel between the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart and Mad