Are You Watching “Watchmen”?

Zack Snyder’s adaptation of “Watchmen” is slavishly committed to the details of Alan Moore’s original comic book. From its opening sequence to its final moments, Mr. Snyder loyally renders the

The Black Presidents Before Obama

Barack Obama was not the first African-American elected to the presidency. By my count, he was the seventh. It was just that he was the first nonfiction one. While pundits marveled over the fact that Americans could elect a man one generation removed from Africa to their highest office, popular culture was way ahead of the curve.

Banning Smoking in Oregon

The first time I saw Don Younger he was holding a beer. Owner of the legendary Horse Brass Pub in Portland, Oregon, Younger stared intently out of a two-page photo

The Rise (and fall?) of a Caffeine Empire

A few years ago, no one would have predicted a site like Created by entrepreneur Paul Konrardy after the financially troubled coffee chain announced in July that it would

What’s Your Story: David All

If you don’t have 500 Facebook friends, David All won’t hire you. All is the president of the eponymous David All Group (DAG), “the nation’s first conservative Web 2.0 agency.”

Burn After Viewing

As Osborne Cox, the Princeton-educated CIA spook at the center of Burn After Reading, the veteran John Malkovich perfectly captures the arrogance of a “company” man used to having things

What’s Your Story?: Amy Alkon

This advice columnist doesn’t care if she hurts your feelings. Every week in a column syndicated in over 100 papers across America, Amy Alkon delivers hilariously hard-nosed counsel to thousands of clueless souls.

Richly rewarded

Set in the muted chaos of New Delhi, where motorized auto-rickshaws, cows, luxury cars and begging urchins mingle in the hot, dusty streets without much incident (though not always without

Judgment at Napa

Judgment at Napa

California’s Napa Valley is one of America’s great national treasures, home to a $45 billion per year industry and the state’s second most popular tourist attraction (after Disneyland). But a

Brideshead as Telenovela

Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited, first published in 1945, soon became a novel beloved both by the British, who hailed it as one of their own masterpieces, and by Catholics, who