Vigilantes and Live Free or Die Hard

“You won’t hurt me,” says a confident Tony, a blonde, sweat-suit-clad terrorist, who is holding a Los Angeles office building hostage, as he stares down the barrel of a pistol

Memories of New York

NEW YORK — I know where I am because there’s no place to use the restroom, I can’t buy food with my beloved trans-fats in it, and a pack of

Judgment Daze

Judgment Daze

The actual harm caused in the Virginia Tech shooting is bad enough, but if we are not aware of our hurdles to judgment we make ourselves more vulnerable to tragic events than we already are.

The Carnegie Crosstown? Part I

LOS ANGELES — In a high-profile auction conducted this past weekend, troubled media outleteer The Tribune Co. sold itself to Chicago turnaround artist Sam Zell in a highly leveraged deal