The age of classic TV

The elevated, novelistic trend we’re currently seeing in television — and first seen in shows like Homicide — combined with the increasing popularity of DVD box sets, suggests that television may transcend its throwaway nature and acquire a new permanence.

Albion’s wayward children

Our “special relationship” with England goes deeper than simply speaking the same language, the great political virtues, moral habits and social customs which made America great are rooted in Englishness.

Irish lullabies

Irish lullabies

How folk Irish ditties instill a healthy distrust of authority and government power in the old and the young.

News Radio Toyota

Tomorrow’s Technology Today reports are “brought to you by Toyota” — but so is the news itself. A good half of the Boston radio station WBZ’s technology news segments are

She stoops to conquer

Paris Hilton made a startling confession to Regis and Kelly last week: she’s giving up sex for a year. “Every time I have a boyfriend, I’m just so romantic, and

The reprehensible man

Does the “perfect man” have a teenage sex slave? Well, The Erotic Man (Det erotiske menneske) — Jørgen Leth’s portentously titled follow-up to the short film recently skewed in The Five Obstructions — will

In defense of hypocrisy

Michael Brendan Dougherty: The book is called In Defense of Hypocrisy. Why does hypocrisy need a defense from you? Jeremy Lott: Hypocrisy needs to be defended because no one seems willing to do

Not quite life and death

Bill Shankly, the legendary former manager of Liverpool Football Club, was once asked if soccer was a life and death matter. His answer: “Listen, it’s more important than that.” And