Doublethink’s mission is to identify and develop young conservative and libertarian writers while delivering an excellent magazine of politics, culture, economics, and the arts. Doublethink is the official magazine of America’s Future Foundation.  It is found online at AFF’s website and does not publish a print edition.

Doublethink’s editorial philosophy emphasizes three principles: original reporting, informed commentary, and a youthful spirit of irreverent inquiry. We put our young and relatively inexperienced writers to work investigating stories other magazines overlook. We then inject healthy doses of scrutiny and informed opinion into our exclusive finds. The result is a type of intelligent opinion journalism that is rare in American letters today and even rarer from writers in their twenties.

In Doublethink, young writers with good ideas, raw talent, and a drive to succeed–but with few or no publication credits to their vitae–finds professional, well-regarded editors who are as invested in their success as any newspaper or magazine editor is invested in a top reporter or essayist.

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When Should The Age Of Innocence End?

It seems that every time a famous entertainer comes out and does something risqué in front of a national audience, the reaction is split: “He/she (more often, “she”) is coming

As American As Baseball Cards

As Ken Burns famously noted, a hundred years from now, the three best-remembered and uniquely American institutions will be the Constitution, jazz and baseball.  Baseball is so bound up with

Texas Needs To Improve College Prep

There are many family-sustainable jobs available in Texas, but not enough college-educated Texans to fill them.  In the Lone Star State, that’s called “all hat and no cattle.” Though Texas

In Turkey, The Fighting Might Stop

South of Istanbul, in an island prison, sits Abdullah Ocalan, the leader of the militant Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). For the last 14 years, following his 1999 capture by Turkish

Syria Debate Comes Too Late

War with Syria? America would not even be facing this decision right now had President Obama actually made tough decisions and provided the necessary leadership that America, Syria, and the