A necessary moral equivalence

“We are all Lebanese now.” That is not a phrase likely to be heard coming from any American politician or official of either party, much less from any professional pundit.

Europe’s leviathan

How the EU grew into a sprawling international complex of supra-national administrative institutions and bureaucratic networks, and why many Europeans seem to like it that way.

‘Never again’ again

Never again. That’s what the world vowed when allied tanks liberated Nazi death camps. Soon after, the West Pakistan Army massacred more than 500,000 Bengalis; Pol Pot slaughtered more than

A U.S. role in Darfur

It’s been nearly five years since an outbreak of anti-Americanism greeted the election of George W. Bush. Since then, the Iraq war, prison abuse scandals and another, more decisive, Bush

Iranians for Bush

Iranians, connected to the outside world by satellite dishes and the Internet, are now pro-American, but they won’t be if the U.S. intervenes militarily.

The Iraqi silent majority

The media’s focus on the insurgency in Iraq has allowed the angry left to argue that the insurgents speak for a majority of Iraqis. Last Sunday, the cynics were proven dead wrong.