The President’s Scare Tactics

As President Bush attempts to stir up war sentiment, there seems to be no limit to his efforts to scare the American people. Rather than honestly assessing Saddam Hussein as

No War Without Debate

With leaks of battle plans showing up daily in the New York Times, Congress has become uneasy and worries that the White House may be thinking of starting a war

The Carter Show

As an American of Cuban descent, I appreciated Jimmy Carter’s recent excursion the same way Leno and Letterman appreciated Monica Lewinsky keeping the dress. Our ex-president’s travels to the land

Carter's Man in Managua

Former President Jimmy Carter’s recent trip to Cuba prompted much talk among pundits over his role as an ex-president. From building houses for the poor to monitoring elections in the

A Choice Too Far

A Choice Too Far

The current debate over how our government should respond to the threat of terrorism is focused on the tradeoffs between security and liberty. This debate assumes that the government is

A Lot To ANSWER For In Manhattan

A group calling itself ANSWER (Act Now To Stop War & End Racism) met at a Unitarian Universalist church in Midtown Manhattan early this month as part of the broad-based