NATO at 60: One for All?

As NATO meets for its 60th anniversary in Strasbourg-Kehl this weekend, it has a lot on its plate: war-fighting, peacekeeping, piracy, and more. But the problem for today’s NATO lies not in taking on new missions; it lies in carrying them out effectively.

The Russian Reset and Europe

Europe will be closely watching as leaders of its two most important partners—Russia and America—meet for the first time on April 1 on the sidelines of the G20 summit in

Raul Castro’s Cuba

HAVANA, CUBA– Whenever it seems as though something momentous and exciting is about to happen here, prepare to be disappointed. In spite of earlier signs of a thaw in U.S.-Cuba

The European Sub-prime Mess

In October of last year, German Finance Minister Peer Steinbrück was clucking about the financial crisis being “America’s problem”. The spate of bank rescues orchestrated across Old Europe, which inconveniently