The Fate of Federalism

Daniel thinks small-country regionalism is no laughing matter, whereas large-country republicanism may still be impossible to take seriously: In the end, the federal republic was consolidated because it came to



Things are getting way too serious around here, what with all the global warming talk. I’d like to get back to my roots, if I could, and offer Barack Obama

Food court diversity and white people

James raises the excellent point that big proponents of diversity resort or revert to culinary metaphors. The liberal utopia often appears to be the food court in the Beverly Center,

Whose Pax? Which Americana?

Ross’s back and forth with Dan McCarthy and Daniel Larison (see also Matt Yglesias and MB Dougherty) merits a nice long read. As a casual fan of direly necessary and



Andrew’s a little naive about it, methinks: The drug czar would have you believe it’s 30 8 times the strength of the 1970s. No one doubts that pot is now

How Bazaar

How Bazaar

By way of playing catch-up on the Kerry/Will/Megan Natalism Debate, I’ll begin with this fundamental McArdlean insight: Food is awesome, but it is culturally trivial. Think for a moment —

Global warming and conservatives

I’ve been following Jim Manzi’s series of posts on global warming over at the American Scene with some interest, mostly because I think it’ll get liberals in a tizzy. It

The Technology of Memory

What happens to us when we can outsource and archive our memories? What’s the difference between technological recall and human remembrance? What do Jorge Luis Borges and Maude Flanders have

Sweet, sweet schadenfreude

Never, ever pen an article condemning another writer’s/publication’s poor copy editing skills. Within the first five paragraphs you are guaranteed to make a grammatical error of your own. Today’s example?