Size Matters

Size Matters

Unlike Reihan and like Matt Frost, My Sino-optimism is very limited. But after picking my way through thickets of ethnonationalism all throughout the past two weeks in Spain, I’ve got

Last Names and the Patriarchy

Matt Yglesias approvingly cites Kay Steiger: Furthermore, I never really understood, if it’s such an important issue for families to all have the same names (because how would you know

What Master Narrative?

One more reason why Frank Rich is sort of tripping (see below) is captured by Jonathan Chait with haikulike levels of parsimony: The McCain campaign’s line of the day is

McCain's Bum Slogan

I see thru Daniel that McCain’s new slogan is not, contrary to my advice, “Solvency, Citizenship, Subsidiarity.” It is, instead, “Reform, Prosperity, Peace.” I guess Prosperity is supposed to cover

Tiger Woods single-handedly cripples NYSE

Well, cripples probably isn’t the right word. But for all the lavish (and deserved) praise my coworker Dean Barnett heaps upon Tiger, it’s probably worth mentioning that Tiger’s 18 hole

What's going on at Gitmo?

When people protest detainee treatment at Guantanamo Bay, I assume they all have visions of Abu Ghraib dancing in their heads: beatings, torture, mock executions, constant humiliation, etc. That’s simply