Obamaweek part III

I’m kind of tired of writing about how much Newsweek loves Obama. So I’ll just link to Mark Hemingway’s takedown of their most recent puff piece: Well, if the Obama

Journos and Blogging

JVL points us to a (completely unscientific, as far as I can tell) survey of how newspapers would react to their people having a personal blog. Apparently, 44% of newspaper

Bigger, Stronger, Faster

I saw the new documentary about steroid use in America, Bigger, Stronger, Faster this weekend. I must admit to being somewhat flummoxed by the film; on the one hand, I

Does art want to be free?

Interesting piece in DC’s City Paper this week about a museum of modern art in Maryland that’s not open to the public. I say interesting because I’m not at all

Pantheism and Suffering

Ross, talking about those crazy Singularitarians, channels a little Tocqueville: the mere fact that the Singularity is inherently “escapist,” and bears a not-inconsiderable resemblance to Christianity, isn’t a problem with

Solvency, Citizenship, Subsidiarity

What could such a snappy slogan refer to? Why, John McCain´s campaign strategy, of course! My wild and crazy thoughts are up now at The Guardian. Pull quote: The Republican

Quality You´re Stuck With

Let me take the opportunity to second Sonny´s contention that a true nobility of movie reviewers is impossible without a plurality of nobles. I´m of the mind that monopolies should

Lakers it is

Lakers it is

At least as far as Leo’s concerned. It was something of a question, as I noted in that piece for the Washington Times I wrote last week: At least we

The fewer opinions, the better!

As a younger type trying to break into the world of film criticism, I have to say I find it disheartening that magazines and newspapers are cutting back on the

Nobody boos free beer!

Unless you’re in Detroit and it’s being offered by Kwame Kilpatrick. Gee, I wonder why they dislike him so much… h/t deadspin