Copying without plagiarizing

Ever since I got into the journalism biz–way back in the halcyon days of 2004–I’ve noticed an interesting dilemma: Journalists at large, national outlets will steal ideas and other people’s

Is Freedom Antidemocratic?

That’s a heavily rhetorical question that I might not live up to in this post, but I’ll try anyway for the purposes of casting a sharp, counterintuitive argument in the


One of the more deplorable practices of the motion picture industry is that of “double-dipping” on DVDs–in other words, releasing a regular edition DVD and following it up three months

More on this, please

I’d really be interested in reading about this in long-form, preferably from a mainstream journalistic outlet and not from a website I’ve never read before (no offense intended, Strategy Page,

Post-Bush Dementia

My main worry about the Bush years is not that the President created problems so terrible that no one can undo them. My main worry is that the President has

Is Web 2.0 Breeding Blond Beasts of Prey?

Put together the latest round of knit-browed studies of Web 2.0’s psychological consequences, and that’s what you’ve got. We now know, for starters, that “Web users are getting more ruthless

Money or Nothing, Chicks Still Free

Like Alan, Sonny airs a complaint: journalism has always been little more than a delivery method for advertising. But it’s still unclear just how to deliver those advertisements to the

On the sanctity of polling

An interesting* thing happened to me in the theater this weekend: while waiting to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall, I was asked by some Nielsen pollsters if I wouldn’t mind giving