While I’m not terribly interested in engaging in a full-on debate about the United States and its current relationship with the Geneva conventions, I do feel that someone should point

8th Amendment Follies

Ten days ago I expressed displeasure over the latest court rulings on capital punishment. Lethal injection struck me as a far crueler option than what is still known, in an

A Path Secured

A Path Secured

As Michael Barone points out, with a little massaging of the numbers (counting Florida, not counting Michigan, and guessing at the numbers of caucus-goers) Hillary Clinton has taken the lead

A World With One Rule

And that rule: No more burning buildings. I don’t really get the outrage. It was one thing to complain about Cloverfield…though I disagreed, I understood why some might get upset

No Place for Decent People?

I must admit, as someone who has spent his career as an inside-the-beltway type, I find the angst caused by the White House Correspondent’s Association’s annual dinner by some on

Mommy of Frankenstein

I almost forgot about this. There’s now a book that teaches kids how not to fear their new Plastic Post-Op moms. Rod Dreher no likey: What kind of message is

Methusela Morality

At Reason’s Hit & Run, Ronald Bailey praises the latest prophet of beating this thing called death: In his column, “It’s not immoral to want to be immortal,” brilliant University

An Obama Hangover. Already?

That’s the question of the week. Ross, Matt, Peter, and Ezra weigh in. I’ll take Ezra’s closing thoughts as my jumping-off point: Obama’s empathy is of a more cerebral variety

We Had to Burn Laura to Save Her

Sonny wants to burn Nabokov’s last book. When it comes to trashing great artists’ final achievements, I’m usually opposed on principle, even if it means permitting their heirs to cash