When “Freedom” is a Fig Leaf

A new book on the politics of the segregationist movement examines a tension between libertarianism and civil rights that continues today.   by Jordan Michael Smith Jason Morgan Ward Defending

Reagan’s Virtues and Republican Myths

20 years after he left the Oval Office and nearly five years since hey died, two things seem clear: Ronald Reagan’s achievements were greater than seemed possible at the time of his scandal-filled presidency, and those achievements have been willfully misinterpreted by a Republican Party that often seems blind to the changes that have swept America since the Reagan years.

Reviewing The Anthrax Evidence

“Based upon the totality of the evidence we had gathered against him, we are confident that Dr. Ivins was the only person responsible for these attacks.” – Jeffrey Taylor, U.S.

The Beach

The Allied landing never seemed real. It was a movie, a history lesson — not real life. That is, until I stood on Omaha beach at the age of twenty-one.