Majority Rule vs. Individual Rights

One of the themes of the Occupy Wall Street movement was a call for more direct democracy in our political system, shifting power from elected representatives directly to the people. But

AFF Video: Antonie Hodge

Should the government be able to tell us what to eat? Antonie Hodge doesn’t think so: “If you want to do paleo, you should do paleo. If you want to

Professional Mentors Needed

As the summer approaches, The Fund for American Studies is preparing for over 450 students to attend five academic internship programs in Washington, D.C. They are looking for volunteers to

AFF chapters rock the wintertime!

AFF is growing across the country. This winter, chapters in Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Raleigh organized events aimed at connecting young professionals with a certain penchant for freedom. AFF’s brand-new chapter

A Note from the Executive Director

Thank you for all you do to make America’s Future Foundation possible.  Whether you are a member, regular attendee, financial supporter, Doublethink reader, or otherwise a fan, you play an