Please allow me to preface this commentary by stating that I am not a smoker. Personally, I find cigarette smoke to be rather nauseating. However, if I turn on my

Media Fallout

The media are often accused of playing chicken little, shouting that the sky is falling, but a new study purports to show that chicken little was right. USA Today broke

Legends of the SuperBowl

Super Bowl Sunday is about more than football. It’s about legends — not just Joe Namath, Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw, but “Bloody Sunday” and “The Great Toilet Flush” as

Tyranny on a Smaller Scale

All this talk of human cloning, genetic enhancements, and the like is threatening the uneasy partnership between the two major elements of conservatism. The libertarian strain, generally in support of

The end of YouTube

Like Steve Carell, cherry cheesecake, and The Wind-up Bird Chronicle: the awesomeness of YouTube is something we all can agree on. But everything good — on the Internet, at least

Whose World Lost?

Steven Spielberg’s The Lost World is supposed to be fiction, but unfortunately one plot line of the blockbuster is all too real. When Spielberg associates his character Nick with the

A Brave Choice

A Brave Choice

The Chinese character for “change” is a combination of two words: danger and opportunity. Any technology that brings great change to society – such as language, the automobile, nuclear power,