Creating The Kidney Market

As early as this week, 100,000 Americans will be waiting for donor organs they may never receive. On Monday, the United Network for Organ Sharing reported that the number of

The Morgellons Mystery

Morgellons is a disturbing condition that causes victims to develop open sores that won’t heal, sprout strange, brightly colored fibers, and feel sensations of something moving, stinging and biting under the skin. The CDC is investigating.

How to Stop Cars From Backing Over Kids

According to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimate, each year at least 183 people — mostly children and the elderly — die when a motor vehicle backs-over them.

The Record Industry  Is Watching You

“I have no privacy,” sang one-hit wonder Rockwell, as he crept around the long, shadowy hallways of his eerie, empty house, under the watchful eyes of intruders, both real and

Eternal Thunderstorms of the PTSD Mind

When patients taking the high blood pressure medication propanolol reported a decrease in stage fright, researchers at Harvard Medical School and McGill University began to wonder whether the drug might

With This Ringer, I Thee Wed

How long did your last relationship last? Two years, maybe three? I’m not asking about your college sweetheart, but your cell phone contract. Mobile phone companies expect major commitments from