Cartoon Villains

Cartoon Villains

From Sky News: The Honey Monster, Tony The Tiger, and Snap, Crackle and Pop have been branded ‘cartoon villains’ by consumer watchdog Which? for failing to promote healthy eating in

In new Russia, vodka drink you!

So apparently someone has been using an underwater pipeline to smuggle vodka out of Russia. Thing is, I would have thought the pipe-flow would have been in the opposite direction.

'An Alfresco Oral Sex Contest'

The Bad News Britons are taking their binge-and-vomit tour on the road, debasing themselves and threatening the public decency wherever they go. So says Sarah Lyall in the NYT: They

When Private Goes Public

Camille Paglia, I am noticing slightly belatedly, turned in a pitch-perfect expression of the problem with the ‘let sleeping adulterers lie’ meme in post-Clintonian political commentary: As a Democrat who

Context is King, _***er

Julian wants to argue that The N Word is not always offensive. I agree: we can run offensive vulgarities that degrade everyone in their full printed glory but yikes when

Beer: The Imports

Perhaps you have been called a snob for drinking — ugh — a Heineken. Possibly you have rebuked yourself personally for ordering one of those increasingly bizarre American microbrews, things

Verily, DC Drivers Are the Worst

D.C. drivers […] — the worst I’ve ever seen. Incapable of understanding such basic terms as “merge” and “yield.” — Robert Stacy McCain I don’t know what it is about

Your Summer Drink List

Inspired and revolted by Sonny’s review of one of the Amis’ less undrinkable-sounding notoriously funky beverages, I present forthwith your summering drink list. I mean your summer drinking list. I

In Praise of Burlesque

The New York Times has a nice medium-sized bit up on burlesque, or should we say ‘neo-burlesque.’ I find it all pretty endearing. Contrary to the expectations of some cultural

Crushing Obama

Not crushing on him: Obama has apologized to the reporter: “Second apology is for using the word ’sweetie.’ That’s a bad habit of mine. I do it sometimes with all