Making Sense of Military Healthcare Cuts

  Senior Republican leaders from House Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon to Congressman Ron Paul have blasted the Obama administration’s proposed defense budget, announced in January, for its cuts

Spreading the Gospel

There is a certain electricity in the National Press Club Ballroom. Businessmen in tailored suits mingle comfortably with shabby college professors; think-tank pundits and corporate lobbyists are schmoozing with reporters

Sensible Energy Independence

We’ve all noticed by now that the United States is in an energy crisis. High oil prices are driving up the cost of goods and services around the country, translating

The Education Party

Today’s Republican Party stands in disarray, even as mainstream American liberalism has finally found its own “Ronald Reagan.” It doesn’t seem like a particularly auspicious time for a new book

Pay Up, America

The national debt is approaching $10 trillion, Americans are spending more than they save, and our foreign trade deficit is ever rising. The liabilities of Social Security and Medicare will

Risky Business

The Frank-Dodd housing bill has been the target of ire from conservatives and libertarians alike. The bill, dubbed a government buyout by its opponents, uses the Federal Housing Administration to