Do you want your work published and your name exposed to a wider audience? Do you want to practice writing about public policy, culture, or the arts? Whether it's about music, government regulations, education, or something else, you areDoublethink invited to submit shorter pieces (~300-500 words) about professional development, liberty movement trends, and policy for AFF's blog.  Please send your ideas to online director Greg Fitton.

You are also invited to apply for AFF's new Writing Fellowship!  Learn from established professional writers and receive personal coaching that will help you find your voice and get published in major media. 

David Brooks wrote in The New York Times that the national conversation has been "powerfully influenced" by several writers who were published through AFF writing programs.  You can join the likes of Tim Carney, Reihan Salam, Conor Friedersdorf, and Ramesh Ponnuru.  Get involved today! 

AFF Programs Helped Tim Carney Get Started as a Writer"When I was a 22-year-old cub writer in Washington, just out of college, I got my first freelance piece published by America’s Future Foundation. From there I became a regular columnist for AFF’s publications, which helped me get the training and exposure I needed to advance my career. AFF was an invaluable asset in building skills, friendships, and my career."Timothy P. CarneySenior Political Columnist, Washington Examiner