Haiku Brew: Presidential Surge Edition


1.) What does he stand for?
Maybe just a pretty face
But he’s bright and clean.

2.) Like Hillarycare?
She’s “Chavez in a pantsuit.”
Your business is next.
Washington, DC

1.) Two Americas:
Those with broadband those without:
“Christofascist base.”

2.) Damn patriarchy!
My vote’s for Harriet Miers
Not that Clinton bitch.
– AG
Washington, DC

Ron Paul, president?
You’ve got to be kidding me.
Like we have a chance.
– Taylor W. Buley
Philadelphia, PA

McCain is too old,
Rudy’s too much of a jerk,
I don’t trust Romney.
– Anonymous
Washington, DC

I want to see my
haikus about candidates
published on your site.
– Louisa Conklin
Brooklyn, NY

Mitt Romney is not
going to win the White House
because… well, you know.
– Jeremy Lott
Washington, DC


Spineless elephants
Cumulative mass heavy
Ease the surge’s waters

On to Bush’s yacht
Of democratic freedom
Sinking hope for change.

– Jillian Bandes
Chapel Hill, NC

I remember when
Surge was just a soda pop
And Saddam still lived.
– AG
Washington, DC

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