October 1, 2008

Health care for all!

By: Sonny Bunch

I’ve never understood jabs like this one:


That’s the headline of Ezra’s post, the gist of his argument being that hey, if Senators have great health insurance EVERYONE should have similarly great health insurance. This is, how you say, ridiculously stupid? Yes, ridiculously stupid. That’s the right phrase.

It would cost trillions upon trillions of dollars to provide that level of health insurance to every American citizen (and, as I’m sure Ezra would like, every illegal immigrant)–the kind provided for the military and for Senators/Congressman. Senators and Members of the House deserve that health care because it’s part of their compensation package. They receive health care coverage in exchange for doing a job. If you can’t see the difference between providing a health care heavy incentive package for an employee (especially a high-level employee like, say, a Senator or a Congressman), and providing do-nothing, shiftless layabouts* health care simply because they reside in our country, you’re being obtuse.

*I realize that not everyone without health care is a shiftless layabout. But I also realize that the numbers regarding the uninsured in this country are total bunkum. For more on the asinine claims related to the number of uninsured in this country, watch this YouTube clip. Immediate access to free, awesome, completely comprehensive health care is not a human right. It’s not my job to provide shiftless layabouts with health care coverage. They can buy it themselves, if they want it.