January 9, 2017

AFF Community

Important Update About AFF New York

By: Roger Custer

Thank you for your interest in America’s Future Foundation in New York City.  I hope you were able to attend the holiday happy hour event in December.

As you know, AFF is expanding across the country, now with 22 chapters where young leaders are networking, learning, and honing skills to inspire the Millennial generation.  In 2016, new chapters opened in Albuquerque, Lansing, Houston, Grand Rapids, Philadelphia, and Nashville.  Additional leaders have asked to start new chapters in 2017.

As we decided how to allocate limited resources for this year, we decided to focus on cities with less opportunity for liberty engagement.  Unfortunately, AFF will no longer hold events in New York City since there are many opportunities to engage.  We thank Amos Schorr for his leadership of the chapter for the last few years.
There are many other opportunities for you to be involved in New York City, including:

Manhattan Institute Young Leaders Circle, which hosts monthly receptions with prominent intellectuals, politicians, and business leaders;
Atlas Trendsetters, which hosts regular events featuring domestic and international activists, scholars, and think tank leaders;
National Review Institute Regional Fellows Program, which offers eight weeknight dinner sessions with leading intellectuals to discuss the foundations of conservative thought;
The Bastiat Society’s New York chapter, which hosts events for business leaders that focus on the fundamentals of free market thought;
The Network of Enlightened Women, which hosts events for conservative women with a welcoming environment to discuss conservatism, feminism, and pop culture; and,
The Soho Forum, which hosts monthly debates about timely topics featuring top intellectuals and leaders.


AFF offers webinars and a new digital way to participate in the Writing Fellows Program.  You can apply here for the Spring 2017 session that starts in February.


Thanks again for your interest and participation.  Please let us know if there are other ways we can help you advance liberty.